Greetings to all readers of our internet magazine


Our school magazine has been published for many years in printed form. In this school year, we are in agreement with Mrs. Mgr. Hana Matušková decided to modernize BONBÓNKY and publish it in electronic version. Together with the teachers of Libor Mita and Miloš Mlčoch, we searched on the internet and got inspired by some good works in the field of school web magazines.

We hope that we will continue to keep our regular readers happy and that we will get more. We believe that BONBÓNKY will now be more flexible and up-to-date, and that the internet magazine will be interested in your concept and content, and will also offer you the opportunity to publish your opinions, insights and comments.

                                             Editors - pupils 9. class School NĚMČICE NAD HANOU


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On 10 May, selected pupils of the 9th year attended a collection to support the fight against one of the worst diseases, against cancer. It was already the 21st annual public collection aimed at informing the public about the possibilities of cancer prevention and the means to fight this disease.