Czech day over cancer


On 10 May, selected pupils of the 9th year attended a collection to support the fight against one of the worst diseases, against cancer. It was already the 21st annual public collection aimed at informing the public about the possibilities of cancer prevention and the means to fight this disease.

This year, the Czech Cancer Day was focused on prevention of head and neck cancer. Only about 2,000 new patients are growing in the Czech Republic annually.

Pupils of the 9th grade had the task of offering a yellow flower with a blue ribbon, which the buyers can put on their clothes to show that they have supported this beneficial event. First we moved around the Germans and then moved to our elementary school. There we sold both in the corridors and in the individual classes. Flowers were bought even by the smallest pupils.

We were in action from 8am to 2pm and we sold more than 200 yellow flowers altogether. The action was also supported by teachers. The minimum cost of the flower was 20 CZK, but you could have contributed even more. Most of the flowers were sold at school because pupils were very interested in the event. People on the street were quite pleasant and they supported our action. We thank all those who have joined this collection.

Lucie Bilíková