Spring concert of Brass band of Music School Němčice nad Hanou


Jako v předchozích letech se i rok 2017 neobešel bez koncertu DOM v místní sportovní hale Suprovka. Konal se 8. dubna v Němčicích nad Hanou. Sjeli se sem však lidé z širokého okolí.

Vše začíná pravidelnými zkouškami v základní umělecké škole. Mimo ty se orchestr vypravil na třídenní víkendové soustředění. Jak vypadá takové soustředění? Jednoduše. Hlavní a skoro jedinou náplní je hraní a všeobecná příprava na nadcházející koncert.

Day D was supposed to happen on Saturday, but members of the orchestra had to work from Thursday. On the first day of preparation, the podium was about to start. The next day the counters and chairs were ready. It was also necessary to bring a chair for viewers. The final number has climbed up to 450 chairs!

The concert itself began at 19:00, but the audience had been cast in places for an hour in advance. There was an unexpectedly large number. Finally, all the chairs and the tribune were occupied. Some even had to post.

After the arrival of members of the orchestra dressed in a traditional concert, the expected concert could start. The final program consisted of the following tracks:

J. Volf: Happy Festival

J. Swearingen: Dawn of the Day

P. Stanek: Die Grosse Seefarht 1492 (Colombus)

J. Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5

E. Grieg - Peer Gynt

K. Valdauf - The Best Corner (polka)


A. Žváček - Dedicated

P. Hapka: Music for the Fountain

G. Michael - Careless Whisper

Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

Arr. Toshihiko Sahashi - Deep Purple Medley

Nightwish - Ever Dream

Gonna Fly Now (as an add-on)

Kolumbus (Die Grosse Seefart 1492) became the longest piece of this concert. The length is about twelve minutes long. The song is made up of five so-called paintings (Prayer, Tavern, Cruise - part of the storm, Earth on the horizon, Prayer). The most beautiful corner was invited to the pupil of the dance field, who used to dance the dance program.

Everyone also remembered the deceased former member and the first trombone of Pep Kutmon. It was dedicated to Music for the Fountain, which was given by the Music for Pepa orchestra. Solo for saxophone for Careless Whisper was played by graduate Kateřina Oulehlová. For the first time, we included rock songs in our repertoire: The Sleeping Sun Song Orchestra was accompanied by Jana Nosková and Pavla Kundelová singing. Also, our editing of the song Ever Dream did not go out without singing.

According to later reviews, the audience was happy and excited. Some also said it was the best DOM concert. As quality continues to grow, we can no longer wait for the players to surprise us with the following performance.

Adriana Kotulová, 9. class